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Missionary Radio and Prayer

Please continue to pray for the families that are still grieving over the loss of their students in Marshall County and for those that are still recuperating.  Also I'm sure you are keeping up with all that happened in Parkland, FL.  This is so sad.  I can't imagine the pain the families are going through.   Please pray for all! 

By the way, we want to pray with you.   You may send your request through this website by clicking on the blue icon top left that reads "send in your prayer request,"  call during the day to 270-886-9655, toll free 877-885-9655, also, you may leave a voice mail anytime by calling 270-962-4055.  That same number 270-962-4055 serves as a praise report line too.  Thank you!

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  • We love because [God] first loved us.—1 John 4:19



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